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Re: Merry Tyler Moore Appreciation Thread
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Moore had better be in the lineup every single day from now on as long as he stays hot. I don't care if the SP is lefty or righty. Crap, the dude can pitch with both feet for all I care. This using of Merry sparingly better be at an end. Its been similar to Giggles the Clown's usage of Morse last season, like he didn't want to use him even if Morse had a 3 HR game the night before, as I seem to recall happened once. Something like that, anyway.

And Moore better not be batting 7 or 8 anymore. That's a waste of his power. Bat him 5 or even cleanup, even though LaRoche has been killing it since Baltimore. My ideal lineup?

Eeean Desmond

Solano is batting .400 right now. Sure, he will cool down dramatically. But right now he is the on best hitter on the team. I know there's no way they move Flores to backup. But a 50/50, even a 66/33 split in favor of Solano? Its well earned at this moment in time. Moore needs to be batting ahead of Morse and possibly even LaRoche, Solano needs to be the primary catcher, and I don't care what the splits say, right now Espi should not bat lead off. Then it is a perfect lineup, and I'd be willing to wager our offensive woes disappear even outside of Coors Field at Turner this weekend and Nats Park next week.