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Since this post has to do with an actual out of town scoreboard.

I was at Saturday's Orioles/Phillies game in Baltimore.

Tons of Phillies fans in attendance, but for the most part they were well behaved.

Between innings late in the game they showed hi-lites on the scoreboard from the Nats/Bosox game complete with audio from Bob Carpenter.  They showed the Nats scoring some runs and the final out of the game.  The interesting part was the response from the crowd.  What was interesting was there was NO response.  I expected boos from both O's and Phils fans, but there was really no reaction.  Not even a cheer for the Red Sox losing.  Nothing.

I kind of found it odd that they would show Nats hi-lites, but I found it even stranger that the heavily lubricated fans of both teams offered no reaction.