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Re: Bob Gibson slider
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Thanks, Tomterp!  :)

Last week, on local (Chicago) sports radio, there was a lengthy discussion about pitchers who have "violent" deliveries.  Guys who really appear to be using everything they got when they throw.  This was in light of Chris Sale's recent renaissance with the White Sox.  A lot of the discussion centered on current pitchers who throw hard and have arguable issues with fundamentals -- which result in injury because they throw so hard.  Sale was held up as a candidate for this, Strasburg was also discussed, as well as a few others. 

But on the "old timer" announcers went back to guys who threw hard with violent deliveries in the past who didn't seem to get hurt.  Bob Gibson was the prime example held up.  But as you watch this video, and others of Gibson, there are no issues with fundamentals -- his release point is lower than most, and the power he uses to throw propels his whole body forward.  I haven't seen Strasburg throw this year yet since coming back, but I have seen Sale, and my concern with him is his delivery is all arms, and not enough legs.  You can't say that about Gibson.  He is poetry in motion.  A lot of effort, hard thrower, but its like a perfect, catapulting motion.  Like the ball is being fired from a gun.