Author Topic: *YNOT 2012 | Edition 10: 3 at BOS, 3 at TOR (Fri-Wed June 8-13)* Guessing Game  (Read 413 times)

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1. What will the Nationals Won-Loss record be for these 6 away games with the DH available?  3-3
2. How many runs will the Nationals score in the 6 games? (within 3 runs count as a point)  25
3. How many runs will the Red Sox and Blue Jays score in these 6 games? (within 3 runs count as a point)  28
4. How many Earned Runs will the Nationals score against Toronto's Brandon Morrow?  4
5. How many StrikeOuts will Stephen Strasburg get in his 2 starts combined? (within 2 counts as a point)  17
6. Will the Nationals or Red Sox batters hit more Home Runs in the 3 games at Fenway Park, or same?  Nats
7. Which Nationals batter will score the most Runs in these 6 games?  Harper
8. Which Nationals batter will hit the most Doubles in these 6 games?  Harper
9. Which Nationals RELIEF Pitcher will record the most Strikeouts in these 6 games?  Clippard
10. Who will get more hits in the 6 games: Nationals DH or Red Sox/Blue Jays DH?  RS/BJ
Tiebreaker: Predict the attendance for Wed, June 13 12:35pm Matinee, Strasburg at Toronto's Drabek.  27,185