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Re: NL All-Star Ballot
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Jeter is punished by consideration of defense, and I'm not sure a lot of voters and writers buy into the saber view that Jeter is horrible in the field.  Offensively, only Asdrubal and Andrus are close.  Andrus might deserve it the most, but it is hard to say there is a bias against the Rangers based on those results.  I'm guessing Asdrubal goes as the Indian rep.

That's the thing, the Rangers are one of those teams that legitimately, on merit, could send a massive slate of All-Stars - Hamilton obviously, Kinsler almost as obviously, Napoli based on his insane second half last year, Beltre is a great candidate, Cruz is probably not but the ASG typically rewards great April play and Cruz was absolutely historic in October so it's good to see voters remembering that.