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Re: Follow the Prospects: Lucas Giolito, RHP
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No.  I'm giving you my scouting report.  Google him and I am sure you will find a lot of reports talking about him as being the first HS right-hander taken #1 in the draft (pre-injury) and about his size and talent. 

Find me another high school pitcher that has shown this kind of physical talent at this age.  I can't remember one.  Bundy was not as good, Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, Porcello, and Verlander were not as good.  Josh Beckett was a beast, but I didn't see him.  He was also 19 his draft year whereas Giolito was 17 at these showcases where hit hit 100. 

If you find any that calls him "just another good high school arm", I'd ignore that. lol.