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Re: Follow the Prospects: Lucas Giolito, RHP
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...tons of people were better than 18 year old Strasburg.

It's true.  Verlander developed later as well. 

My main point is that Giolito has a chance to be the best ever at his position.  Is it likely?  No.  Even the remote chance of it, or anything close to that makes him worth signing to me.

A kid barely 17-years old(last summer) at 6'6" 230 and still growing touching 100 MPH, with a hammer curve, and that body type is special.  He also has other secondary pitches that have flashed well.  His work ethic is supposed to be off the charts.  He does the long toss like Bauer and apparently is even more vigorous with it.

This kid might be the next Daniel Cabrera, but he might be the next generation as well.  I wouldn't let him get away if it were me.