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Re: Follow the Prospects: Lucas Giolito, RHP
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While Ill be upset with us not signing Giolito, and agree it'd be a failure if we didnt(though signing one of the HSers taken in the 25-27 rounds would be nice), it would likely set us up pretty well next year.

We'd have the 17th pick in the draft as compensation, along with a pick in the 20's. We'd get that extra cash allotted as well. Since we would be drafting with signability with the 17th pick, we could probably save a decent chunk of change to apply to another selection. Definitely pales in comparison to the thought of landing Giolito, but a sunshine squad way to look at it!

Actually, picks are protected for 2 years in the new CBA, so 17 wouldn't have to be an easily sign-able pick.  Also, keep in mind LaRoche and EJax could bring back 4 more picks in the top 35-40.  Also, with less picks overall the 2nd rounder should be in the 65-70 range. Finally, it wouldn't shock me if Rizzo and company traded for one or more of the competitive balance lottery picks (6 picks after the comp picks between round 1 and 2, and 6 more between round 2 and 3).  Perhaps Marrero is redundant and could be traded for one.

I'd rather have Giolito, but next year's draft could be a lot of fun either way.