Author Topic: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?  (Read 18172 times)

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Re: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?
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2012 and beyond production is more relevant.  Plus you cherry picked the years to make the numbers close.

I can't believe the team is doing so well with crap production from Zim, he should be in MVP consideration and instead he looks below replacement level.

I didn't cherry pick the years (anymore than I had already acknowledged at least). All of those years represent their full seasons of playing time. I already acknowledged that Wright's '07 was much better than any of Zim's years.

And absolutely 2012 and beyond is more relevant. That's what spawned the comparison in the first place. Wright is a player a lot thought was washed up due to injuries and is having an amazing season now that he's healthy. Considering Zimmerman is even younger I see no reason why he can't due the same.