Author Topic: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?  (Read 16235 times)

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Re: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?
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'09-10 Zimmerman is just as good or better than all but '07 David Wright (not counting this season yet since it's still so young).

It's generally agreed that when healthy, Ryan Zimmerman is the NL clone of Evan Longoria. That's pretty high praise since the latter is supposed to be the best 3B in all of baseball.

Uh ... 2005-2008 Wright was better than any season Zim has ever had. From 2006-2009, Wright was the best third baseman in baseball. Even using Fangraphs WAR calculator that puts a heavy emphasis on defense. Wright, A-Rod and Chipped Jones were the top 3 third basemen in baseball.