Author Topic: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?  (Read 19263 times)

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Re: What's wrong with Ryan Zimmerman?
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Last year, it took him about a month or so to get going after he came back from his injury.  I suspect he comes back quick because the team is better with an 80% RZ than without. 

Are you sure? And I don't even think he's 80%. Certainly not at the plate.

Remember David Wright. This is the first time he's been healthy in years and he's beasting. Zimmerman's only 27, only just entering his prime. If he can get healthy we can still get amazing production from him. However, the size of that "if" is the gamble.
If Zim was hitting like Wright last year, I'd be ecstatic. And Wright has ALWAYS been a better hitter than Zimmerman.