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Re: Need A Little Support Here
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Went and saw him today. He looks good, and is making jokes about it, which is his normal way of life. Outside of him being overweight, we now know he's had 'pains' for over 2 weeks now but ignored them An object lesson to us all. As he was adopted, and never pursued his birth families' histories, we don't know what they would show in terms of genetics. Kind of have to assume the worst, since he had a MI at 59. Waiting for the rest of the results to see what extent of muscle damage he has. However, baring complications, he should be home on Friday. Thanks to all for the prayers and good wishes.

Oh, and I'm definitely up for your kind offer, MDS. Will let you when he's up to it

 Reminder, my son is coming down to attend the Yankees-Nats' game on Saturday the 16th with me. Would love to have him meet as many of you guys as possible before the game at the Loft. He definitely would enjoy quaffing a (few?) (a lot). Thanks.

edit- I also had a complete blockage of my main coronary artery a few years ago. However, I was lucky. I had grown enough collateral circulation to avoid any damage to the heart muscle.