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Need A Little Support Here
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I just found out that my next younger brother (I'm the oldest at 64; he's 5 years younger) suffered a heart attack today coming back from a holiday weekend at the beach in Bethany. When they stopped for lunch, my sister-in-law said to him he looked 'funny' (she's a dental hygienist). He replied he wasn't hungry and didn't feel well. She insisted on getting him to the local hospital, where they diagnosed the M.I. and choppered him to the U. of Md. Med Ctr. in Baltimore. Within 12 minutes of his landing, they had diagnosed the blockage and had a stent inserted. He seems stable for now; we'll find out more tomorrow with the follow-up tests. The nag is he's in 10 times better shape than I am. I'm much more overweight, and due to arthritis am now more inactive. He still very actively plays both golf and tennis. While as a nurse I can see this as a positively resolving situation, as a brother it has scared the hell out of me. So I turn to my wnff family. Thanks guys.