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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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Starting with 2015 Nats, it took me until 2021 to win once, and I had the oldest, most expensive roster imaginable at that point.  I gutted the team for prospects, picked first overall two years in a row, then won it all again in 2024.  By then, my team was so stacked that I could trade each and every one of my walk year guys before the season or at the deadline, promote prospects, sign almost nobody, and have a .700+ winning percentage every year, collecting 6 more titles by 2033, including 3 in a row.  I might actually be addicted.

I found myself getting caught off guard by rules changes (changes in roster sizes and the addition of an NL DH). I also hated drafting, by midway through the first, the only multi star players tended to be relievers- of course this is ootp 12, so it's probably changed. Have they foreclosed throwing millions at assistant coaches throughout the whole system approach?