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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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Well, a league establishes rules and a sim schedule. So say they sim one week at a time, and sim M-T-W-TH-F. Basically you log in every weekday, download your new file, make your changes, and hit export.

Drafts are done using a web portal generally. Trading is hard, compared to offline OOTP.

I prefer the fastest sim schedules I can get. So I'm in a fast sim league and another league that sims 7 days a week.

I cannot get back into offline games. Online OOTP is the best game I've maybe ever played. It's hyper competitive if you are in an active league. Plus, legit moneyball strategies can be done. You can get groupthink in an online league, and then try to take advantage of it. One owner in our league tried the Royals strategy (high contact, avoid Ks) and made the championship this year. He assembled this roster a little before the Royals strategy was widely known. Another guy won it seasons ago with high movement pitchers and stellar defense, while the league was obsessed with strikeout arms.

There's a signup forum on the OOTP forums in the Online section. I recommend established leagues, of course. My personal preference is fast moving leagues.

Online leagues don't get amazing support from the Devs but it's surprisingly smooth for the most part -- the game translates incredibly to online. 

If you have any questions, holler.

Just one question:

Does anyone want to start a WNFF OOTP online league?  I figure if we can get like 16 people it could be really fun.  If people are interested, I will start a new thread.