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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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Wow I was just looking for this thread...I forgot I started it.

OOTP 16 is absolutely awesome.

1st year I went 108-54 with dominant pitching. Stras won the Cy Young but we got killed in the NLCS by the Cardinals (go figure). Max was on his way to having an MVP season but got injured in August and was done for the year. It killed us in the playoffs.

During the off-season, I thought I resigned Fister to a reasonable 14 mil a year contract but he never signed it and then got 20 mil on the open market...I couldn't pay him or Jordan so I lost 2 of my aces for nothing. Coincidentally...they are 30-36 so far this season.

Have they introduced qualifying offer draft picks yet?  That was missing last year.