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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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A year in sim months I can do and would actually recommend to new owners.  In my other league we had a new owner get absolutely fleeced by a vet owner so bad we had to void the deal.  To make it right I actually traded for the player in question and wound up giving the new GM five 1st as payment for what's turned out to be Gio Gonzales instead of Clayton Kershaw.  It was a bad trade but it really helped out a new GM that got screwed and is in line with my "go big or go home" trade attitude.

That's why we have it, but the vultures still circle when a new guy is allowed to trade. I built my empire off an Irish guy who's new to baseball.

Did you get the Rockies? Your team is already stacked. A couple good guys had it and then took different teams later because Coors is annoying, but everything has just sort of come together this year.