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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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FYI new GMs can't trade their first 12 months. This was because of some jerk who came in on a rampage and traded away every player in the org his first week. Really screwed me over because I inherited a team in a very obvious fire sale position (no prospects, no wins, like 5 good older guys on expiring contracts).

Like 12 real months or 12 sim months?  If it's the former that's not a lot of fun, if it's the later that's alright.

It's 2071. The Rockies are in rebuild mode with a budget of around 120M and committed to 135M or so. Basically some light payroll shedding is in order. From the league rules, CPU players can't be involved in trades, so at least you have a farm system and some credible major leaguers.  Last year they were 4th in their division of 8.

CPU players?  Are there shadow players if you don't have organization depth?