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Re: Anyone play OOTP?
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they really don't do much to maintain it.  Usually you get one early season roster update and that's it.  It still has the same bugs in that the screen will never turn off if you are in the game, so if you stop playing and put your phone down without manually returning to the home screen of clicking on the sleep button, it will keep the game open with the display on and kill your battery.  Also in the player draft, in the fifth round the "advance to your next pick" button ends up on top of the buttons that allow you to sort by stats, that bug has been around since the 2014 version.

FWIW, I ran a season with the Nats making no modifications.  It trots out of L/L/L lineup against RHP of Revere, Murphy and Harper.  Turner started the season at SS.

By the end of the season Barrett had torn his UCL for the second time, and Giolito, Scherzer, and Strasburg were all out with shoulder injuries.   The Nats finished in 2nd place, 9 games behind the Mets, but qualified for the WC, beating Pittsburgh and losing to Chicago in the NLDS.  Harper put up a .346 / .475 / .628 slash line with 33 HRs.  Zimmerman somehow stayed healthy all season.  By the end of the year the starting OF was Goodwin/Taylor/Harper.

I ran these season on desktop, maintaining the lineups and rotation as well as the DL, but making no trades. The Nationals won over 100 games and then lost to the wildcard Diamondbacks 3-1.