Author Topic: What's the best GameTracker?  (Read 4102 times)

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What's the best GameTracker?
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Quote from: "Vladman1327"
Thanks.  I've been searching for a board for the Nats for a while.  It's so much fun to talk to Nationals fans.  It's especially hard living in NJ with all these yankees and mets fans.  :(

Welcome to the forum....
Can I ask how you stumbled across us? Did you see a link someplace, do a search?

BTW, Vlady can you come back and play for us? Our outfield is a bit crowded, but I'm sure you'd do a great job at SS for us... And if need be, I'M sure Jose would move over to left to give you some room...  Man, can you imagine Vlady playing the infield in a position other than first base? Hell, I cant even picture him playing 1st...