Author Topic: which one of you wore blue sequins to today's game?  (Read 2503 times)

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i can assure you i am not the blue sequins guy. the introductions thread should confirm that if you're really curious...unless you think that i created an elaborate cover story 2 years ago to throw everyone off my scent. and maybe i did. (Image removed from quote.)

i was just curious if the guy posted here or if anyone knew who he was since i've seen him at pretty much every game i've attended. with the way he's been shredded in this thread i can't imagine he'd reveal himself if he's on the forum.

I don't know, Tripp being Tripp means he would probably reveal himself and then try to win you all over. Annoying or not, he's a major Nats fan and has been from the start, so there's something to be said for that.

One thing I like is that he is very good about fan etiquette. He may dance around a bunch between innings or on pitching changes, and he may sing along to just about everything, but he'll never walk in front of you while a batter is hitting, and he'll also try to mildly antagonize and start crap with out of town fans who attempt to "take over the park" by starting out of town chants (see Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, etc). I've seen an usher or two have to tell an opposing fan to sit back down after Tripp's successful gotten under the skin of the fan.

All that being said, it can be a bit much for people who sit right in his section.

I know he knows about this thread, someone posted it on the Fan Club page earlier but it's gone now.