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Re: Nationals vs Orioles, Game 2
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I doubt if they had more than a few dozen no shows last night, it was packed, even the corners of the upper decks were filled, the standing room areas were five deep.  My Dad went to the concessions lines a couple times and reported short lines, people were in their seats watching the game.  I don't think I've ever seen such a big crowd at the end of the game, a small percentage left early but there wasn't the usual stream of people heading towards Metro over the last few innings.  The crowd of people walking down South Capital was huge, I'm guessing that they were walking to another Metro station because the main one was overflowing.  Easy traffic though, 20 minutes to my driveway on the far side of Alexandria.

What was the proportion of Orioles supporters - anything like Friday? (I was at the Mystics match.)