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Re: 2013 All-Star Game
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why do the mets get it?  our stadium is older and still hasn't had one.

The Mess haven't hosted the ASG since 1964 though (that was the year Shea Stadium opened).

I think we're looking at 2017 at the earliest for the ASG at Nats Park, since I think the Marlins were all but promised the 2015 edition if their new ballpark were completed - which it of course is.

Other NL clubs that have gone a while without hosting the ASG are the Dodgers (last hosted in 1980 - odd) and the Reds (1988 - and they won't get it again either as long as one Peter Edward Rose remains alive and/or officially proscribed). Washington of course last hosted it as an AL team in 1969; our predecessors the Expos hosted it in 1982 so it can be argued from that standpoint that the combined Expos/Nats franchise is certainly due.

Also, although their home clubs have hosted the ASG at prior facilities, Citizens Bank Park and Petco Park have yet to host the ASG - don't be surprised if either of these parks crowd in the queue for the next few years' editions.