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Re: Congrats Adam Dunn!
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Had a... Busy couple of days, but saw Dunn finally did it and figured I'd better pop my head in or folks might think I killed myself due to being at a loss of how to continue without the streak. And yeah, this is way too freaking long, so don't bother reading it unless you give a crap. But since this is my last, assuming we can all drop my obsession with it and move on, post on the matter, so I wanted to sum up all my thoughts and the basic stats in one place.

Finally. Finally! No one is happier than I the damn thing is done with. First and foremost so we, meaning me, can move on and not get caught up in bickering when I did an update once or twice a week. But most importantly, Dunn freaking deserves it. He had a crap year last year, hardly surprising due to changing leagues after nearly a decade in the NL. Then he gets shifted to DH, and screwed over since he always said he was ADD and thought sitting on the bench half the game would negatively impact his performance. Then he makes a comeback this year, back to classic Dunn, and can't catch a break getting mocked and booed for the record and # of Ks. Dunn totally, absolutely, definitively should never have been in the streak in the first place. He's been playing way too well. It shouldn't even have been statistically possible.

I'll wrap this up in just a sec. But to sum up, it lasted 32 games from Opening Day. But that's always been why I wouldn't let go of this streak. 6 games, six freaking games he only made one single out. Seven games he only made two outs. 11 games, only three outs. Boom goes the dynamite. 24 of 32 games he had three or less outs. 25 walks. It's like the game on Wednesday. He walked three times, so only had two Abs. Got a hit during one. Then, ninth inning, 4/4 in PAs, boom, a K. The 4/24 game, one PA as a PH, boom boom, a K. 4/18 game. Three walks, two PAs. One hit, so only made one out. Boom boom boom, a K. Second game of the season, two walks, two PAs. One hit, one out. Goes the the Dunnomite.

That's been my justification the whole time. A. I'm a huge, huge Dunn fan. B. He performed like crazy during the streak, awesome OBP, tons of Hrs, etc. Then you had all those games, six of them just one out, only one due to PHing. Just seems like the odds should have made this utterly, insanely impossible. Possible, yes, just as a HR cycle is possible. But about the same odds of a player playing identical to Dunn except leaving the Ks up to chance. Getting 32 games yet playing that well just still doesn't seem like it could happen.

But whatever. It's over, done with, kapoot. Now we, meaning me, can move on with their, meaning my, life, and Dunn can get back to being the awesome power hitter and all around great guy he's always been.