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Apologies if this is a repost, but I'm sure many of you caught this article about Nats superfan Jon Will by his father George. Anyone who has sat in Section 128 knows Jon and the infectious enthusiasm he brings to every game. For those who watched the game on Jon's birthday you may have noticed they zoomed in on him between innings and FP wished him a Happy Birthday.

George Will certainly comes off a little "high and mighty" in his column with his condemnation of people who terminate the pregnancies of babies with down syndrome, obviously forgetting that very few people can provide the extremely privileged life that he has provided for Jon. With that said, please keep politics/religion out of this thread and keep it positive towards Jon.

There is a lot of negativity directed towards the Nats on this board, in the media, and in the stands. It is really refreshing to see a fan who is always 100% positive and supports our boys in the clubhouse and right behind the dugout, 81 games per year.