Author Topic: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2012)  (Read 124582 times)

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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium
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Our number 3 hitter has two career Silver Sluggers, 500+ RBI, and drove in 100 runs when Bryce was 13 and is the best player in Nats history.
Our number 4 hitter led the league in RBIs earlier this year and has been the best hitter all year long.
Our number 5 hitter led the team in HRs and RBIs last year.

Don't get me wrong.  I love the kid.  Love. The. Kid.  Love the way he plays, generally, but even he admits that he should have backed off on that one.  He's fantastic - beyond my wildest expectations in terms of how he'd play at 19, but he's not the only guy on the team.  Let somebody who's been an MLB player more than a month do what they do, too.

You can't love the guy and then get upset when he does that. That is a part of his game. That's why he got a double on a bloop infield hit. It's why he stole home. If he dials it back and plays conservative, he won't be doing those things.