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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium
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Bryce at a UFC event at the Patriot Center this week:

"It’s good to be Washington Nationals’ outfielder Bryce Harper these days. You would figure hitting his first Major League homer would be the biggest thrill he would receive this week, but au contraire my friend. Bryce Harper went to UFC on Fuel 3 fights – which I am assuming is the UFC’s equivalant of WWE Superstars – and got his picture taken with ring girl/Playboy playmate, Brittney Palmer.

I have no idea how old Palmer is – but considering Bryce Harper is only 19 – job well done, Mr. Harper. Even though they took the picture together, Palmer insisted there was nothing more than that. In fact, she called out Terez Owens on Twitter for even insinuating something could happen, stating “Watch your wording, buddy” Right from of your/you’re, and a comma after wording!? Beauty and brains, apparently.

Man, I love Bryce Harper. Even if I wasn’t a fan of the Washington Nationals, I’d still be a Bryce Harper fanboy. He just oozes out so much greatness on the field and off. Now, I’m assuming Brittney Palmer isn’t lying about hooking up with the phenom, but you know Bryce Harper is slaying some dragons right now. I’m sure rumors will be abundant about who he is dating soon. I just hope he chooses wisely, because he gets to pick anyone from the litter.

Enough of Bryce Harper off the field, let me pontificate about him on the field. At 19, no one should be this good. I don’t care if his swing has holes, nor do I care how much torque he has when he swings through the zone. He just has the raw power and ability to do anything he wants with the baseball, plus he’s equipped with a laser-rocket arm and amazing speed. Most players would be happy to have just one of Bryce Harper’s attributes, let alone the five tools he possesses.

Coming into tonight’s game – where he already hit a triple – Harper has a .742 OPS in 68 plate appearances. Not bad for someone who can’t even gamble or drink yet."

Bryan Lutz
Featured Writer @Lutzifer35