Author Topic: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2012)  (Read 125451 times)

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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium
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i think what's most impressive about him so far is his patience at the plate, his walk rate seems much higher than it was in the minors (i'm mindfacting, haven't checked the stats).  I've only seen him take one really bad swing hacking at a pitch high in the zone in an effort to hit a late game HR).  I looked through the last through box scores and he's near or at the top in most pitches seen.

his walk rate so far in the majors: 13.0%. Was 11% in 'Cuse, 10.2% in AA, 14.4% in Hagerstown. His strikeout rate, however, is far below all of his minor league numbers.