Author Topic: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2012)  (Read 126813 times)

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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium
« Reply #1675: October 22, 2012, 11:41:55 AM »
He does not look as big through the torso as he does in a uniform.  Maybe that is because he's surrounded by fat non-athletes.  I can't believe no one picked up on his height, though. 

It's funny, this town we don't seem to get all gaga when celebrities are in public.  Usually it is a pol you find in some random place, but I think, other than the President, most can circulate without people flipping out.  Ballplayers can go around and, unless they are flaunting, they go in peace too.  Would surprise me if Kevin Durant went to Nats games and was not harassed.