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Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium
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That is such a huge if. I don't think people understand how crazy Trout's numbers are in comparison to last year.

If Bryce can put up a season like Upton's 2011 season, then I'll be amazed

It might  be, but who among us thought he'd be able to do this year what he's done?  Put your hand down, you liar.  (not you specifically, Slate, but the hypothetical person who did just raise their hand).  No one thought he'd be able to turn himself into 5 WAR player at 19.  No one thought he'd be able to slide right into the 2 hole and handle it, which despite his struggles after the ASB, he has.  Who thought he'd put himself into the upper tier of CF's in the game right now, which, again, he has.  Two years after being a full time catcher in college.  Who thought he'd be a difference maker in a pennant race?  Who thought he'd come up and play with the poise of an eight year vet?  Who thought he'd come in and change the mentality of a whole team by how he plays?  Who thought he's make the all-star team in the first place?

I know I didn't expect any of this.  He's done so much before his 20th birthday that it really isn't a huge stretch to think he can close the game that really isn't that big to begin with between him and Trout.  If he's as driven as he is talented, it should be expected of him.  I know I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he does.  It really isn't that big of a stretch.