Author Topic: Am I crazy or are FP and Bob developing some chemistry?  (Read 2782 times)

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I know that not all of the fans love BC (although I happen to like him quite a bit), but I'm not sure what the Nationals are looking for if they don't want him back.  I hope that they re-sign him.  He seems like a first class guy and it's quite possible that his replacement won't be as good.

I think he's fine. He's pretty enthusiastic and works well with FP. And as you said, I'm afraid the replacement for Bob would be worse than Bob. AND, if you don't enjoy them the radio guys are awesome alternatives.

Some examples of his good enthusiasm (Cherry picked, of course!):

At least some of the announcer's I've heard (though I admit it's not many) just don't seem into the game. Bob always does. I say keep him!