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Re: Post Your "Lean Years" Nats Memories Thread
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Being the only Nats fan in Shea stadium at a game in August 2007.  Joel Hanrahan hit a triple off Pelfry as I recall.  I caught a lot of crap in the Shea parking lot before the game, luckily the Nats won.

Daughter and I saw Nats / Mets the first April after the Nats traded Brian Schneider and Ryan Church for Lastings Milledge. A cold night, lethargic Nats, and probably Matt Chico pitching. Mets fans shouting "Thanks for Church and Schneider", as Johnny Estrada caught for the Nats, and, I think, Milledge and Willy Mo Pena were in the outfield. Ryan Zimmerman seemed like the only live ballplayer in a Nats uniform, except for The Chief, who pitched the bottom of the 8th on pure will-power. Couldn't break 80 mph, so it must have been one of his last games. John Maine throwing 95 mph; Chico throwing about 89.