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Re: Post Your "Lean Years" Nats Memories Thread
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My lean days:

Going to Griffith Stadium to watch a real double header between the Washington Senators and the New York Yankees

Seeing Mickey Mantle (Harper is today's version, maybe better!)

My favorite players were Mickey Vernon, no. 3 and Jackie Jensen, no. 4

I enjoyed the wonderful old black vendor who in a sing-song fashion said, "Get your hot dogs, hot dogs here, etc."  He was always in the same section and the crowd loved him. 

Sitting through the double header and inevitably losing both games.  But who cared?   I was with my father and last night I had tears in my eyes thinking of him.

There were no fancy boxes to sit in, no President's Race, no lead-up music before each batter, no shirts tossed out to the crowd, etc.

Just good ole baseball!!  It was very special.