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Re: Post Your "Lean Years" Nats Memories Thread
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Some of you may not agree with me... hence why I won't be a good GM considering the moves were played well.

1. Letting Adam Dunn and Alfonso Soriano walk really drove me crazy back in the day. I'm really glad Dunn and Werth both had good seasons this year (especially Werth).

2. I like FP, but Dibble was always good for a laugh considering his lack of political correctness in DC. Imagine what he would have said with Twitter at his disposal.

3. Nyjer Morgan... The guy lost his cool once or twice (or more), but man did he hustle. Heck, who hasn't thrown their glove down in disgust at least once in their lives?

4. The Chief, Chad Cordero... He gave me hope that we would be good one day. The guy was lights out for us prior to his injury. Our first real All Star... and what a nickname...

Those are just some quick thoughts that come to mind during the lean years.

My best thought will always be knowing I was at the inaugural game with my father to see Livan's first pitch. For you older Senators fans, I know the last eight seasons have really given my dad new life in his blood (he's probably not going to be around for many more seasons with his health progressively getting worse). To share something with your pops like that is a memory that I'll never forget (just wish his mother hadn't passed the month before - her day was based around Atlanta Braves baseball games after the Senators left - we could have had three generations of baseball fans at Opening Day in 2005).