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So for all of us who have been true fans since September 2004 when Tony Williams and Linda Cropp and Tony Tavares held the press conference downtown announcing the arrival of the team, we've been through some awfully lean times.  I think now that we have such a truly bright moment, we owe it to ourselves to remind ourselves of the crap that we've been through:

1) Raw chicken tenders at RFK;
2) Along the same lines, the total thrill when they opened up 4 (?!?!) new dining options on that ghetto "food court" that they converted the RFK terrace into;
3) Rotation of Tim Redding, Shawn Hill, Matt Chico, Jason Bergmann, Jason Simontacchi/Mike Bacsik;
4) Serving up that tater to Barry Bonds;
5) The Stan Kasten invitations to Phillie fans to invade the ballpark;
6) Losses number 100 in 2008 and 2009.
7) TV combo of Ron Darling and Mel Proctor
8) Nook Logan.