Author Topic: Bad Nationals Nostalgia / "Lean Years" Memories thread (merged)  (Read 10509 times)

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Re: Bad Nationals Nostalgia
« Reply #250: September 10, 2012, 08:44:04 PM »
Its easy to say that when you have the benefit of slow mo replay. Sliding into Home plate is not a fun option when the catcher is blocking the plate. If the catcher doesn't want to get hit, then stop blocking the freaking plate. Its pretty simple. I hate catchers who complain about that when a catcher gets injured. Stop blocking the plate and let the runner have a chance to slide through the plate.

Pretty much agree.  Catcher should show some plate if he's waiting for an incoming throw.  If the throw doesn't arrive, you give up the plate.  If it does arrive you can slide over to block the plate while flashing the tag.  Or tag without blocking depending on how big/fast the incoming runner is.    :nervous: