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Re: Bad Nationals Nostalgia
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I took my daughter to see Patterson pitch in RFK. He didn't. Hit 88mph in the first inning, didn't pitch the second. Maybe never pitched again for the Nats. Notables from that game:

- watching Al-fon-zo Sor-i-ano (as the Yankees radio guys called him, when they were pumping his rookie year) stand in left field with his arms folded as the pitcher threw.

- counting the Frank Howard seats left in the upper-deck

- hearing Alex (?) Escobar make contact as he got a couple of solid hits. Thought, OK, the Nats have found a CF.

- watching Jon Rauch blow a big lead. I think Piazza hit one off the facing below the upper deck. Not near Mike Epstein / Frank Howard territory, but it seemed to scare the wits out of the Nats pitchers.

Pretty sure I was at that game. I remember thinking that Patterson was probably done.