.gif is pronounced

"jiff" (soft g)
8 (26.7%)
"giff" (hard g)
21 (70%)
I pronounce it some other, comical way which I will explain below.
1 (3.3%)

Total Members Voted: 30

Author Topic: The GIF poll.  (Read 2751 times)

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Re: The GIF poll.
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The linguistic preferences of the people who invented the format carry no more authority than anyone else in a case like this.  Also, from the same link:

That last statement doesn't mean anything. It's an acronym. There's no defined way to pronounce acronyms

If there is no defined way to pronounce acronyms, then by definition the creator's preference matters no moreso than anyone else's.

How do you pronounce .jpg and .png?

jay-peg and "P N G" (spell it out). "B M P" or just "bitmap".  No real time is saved by saying "b_mp" given the necessary emphasis on the 'p' to prevent it sounding like you're saying "b_m"

Were I to create a "word" for PNG, "ping" would be a very poor choice seeing as the term "portable network graphics" only contains one 'i', which comes after all three of the acronym's letters.  "pang" or "pong" would make more sense :stir:

I hope this thread is merely an indication of a game postponement and not a freaking trend. :lol:

Very very much the former :lol: