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with Strasburg and Zimmnn in the rotation we will (and should) have a lower IP/G than the top teams.  I wouldn't worry about that too much. 

i think it's a pretty important stat, and our low IP/GS was one of the reasons why Rizzo got Jackson & GG, both are 200 IP pitchers.  A high IP/GS keeps your bullpen fresh over the course of the season.   Look at recent history:

Top 6:
2011: PHI, AZ, LAD, SFG, STL, MIL  (PHI, AZ, STL, MIL were playoff teams) (Nats were 15)
2010: PHI, SFG, AZ, STL, ATL, CIN  (PHI, SFG, ATL, CIN were playoff teams) (Nats were 15)
2009: STL, ATL, SFG, AZ, CHI, COL (COL, STL were playoffs, PHI was 8th, LAD was 10th) (Nats were 13)