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Evol - nice job.  Hope the name sticks.  I'm not a twitter / facebook guy, so I did not see it until it was mentioned this year on other forums and this one.  This is a perfect nickname, I/M/O, because it reflects the town and an accomplishment.   

Your point about the Pedro comparison is interesting.  Another stat that is amazing is that Gio (1.41) and Stras (1.78) are #2 and #4 in FIP in MLB, E-Jax #10 (2.15), and JZ #16 (2.41).  That kind of shows the ERA is not too far out of line with their own performance.  Team FIP and Team ERA (SP and relievers) are nearly identical at 2.30 and 2.34, respectively, while starter FIP is 2.06.  3 trips through the rotation plus 1 extra start, and the starter WAR is 3.4.  That is a great start, but if the ability to suppress homers is for real, then it really is something deserved by their performance.

I think it will stick. FP is using it on the air and Zuckerman has used it a few times in his gamer. What I would really like to see is a group of fans with cardboard K Street signs sitting behind the opposing dugout and hold them up whenever a batter K's to greet him on his way back to the dugout.