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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 2
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Quite easily obtained from the schedules (same source I use for the when-the-Nth-win-was-notched posts, thanks to their cumulative win-loss numbers by each result).

Cumulative dates on which the Nationals registered their 4th loss, each season:

2007 - 6th April (5th match of season)
2011 - 6th April (5th match)
2008 - 6th April (7th match)
2006 - 9th April (6th match)
2009 - 10th April (4th match)
2005 - 11th April (7th match)
2010 - 12th April (7th match)
2012 - 19th April (14th match)

Thanks for that Chelsea.   When I asked the question, this is kind of the results I expected.    The 2012 stat looks real good in the grouping.

And here I thought you had all this stuff in your mind.   :)