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Re: Davey Management Style
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The Nats, meanwhile, have four off days until June, including tomorrow, and I don't consider a cross country trip to be an off day. The Padres get an offday tomorrow as well, in between a homestand. They have another offday in between the FLAP and Mil series. To Nats have zero offdays in between a homestand before June, with travel between home and Pit, and Atl and Philly, and finally home and Miami. There's a hell of a difference between an offday at home and an offday with travel, even if it isn't isn't cross country trip. So yeah, bottom line, the Nats get screwed hardcore by the scheduler this time around, so it's a miracle we are doing so Damn well.
This is why I think regular spot starts need to be on the GM and Davey's radar.  Whether it is Gorz, Lannan on a call up, or Wang after rehab, the only way this team is getting an extra day's rest for starters is by inserting a spot start.

I looked at the schedule and tried to line up the rotation through the first Phillies series.  The rain delay allows us to throw the big 3 all 3 games.  The only rest problem is that everyone would get 2 days extra rest the first time through the rotation. 

Here's how it lines up for the next 12 games, with rest indicated:

Gio - 4/24 @sd (6 days rest), 4/29 @LAD, 5/5 Phi (5 days)
JZ - 4/25 @SD (6 days), 5/1 AZ (5 days) , 5/6 Phi
E-Jax - 4/26 @ SD (6 days), 5/2 AZ (5 days) (former team)
Det - 4/27 @ LAD (6 days), 5/3 AZ (5 days)
Stras - 4/28 @LAD (6 days), 5/4 PHI (5 days)

There is another off day on 5/7, so everyone could get 5 days before the next start.  However, you could flip flop Jackson and Detwiler at that point, which would line up Detwiler to pitch 5/13 (@Reds), 5/18 (Os), and 5/23 (@PHI).  The series @ Philly would be Gio, Stas, Det, or 2 lefties and Strasburg.