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Re: Davey Management Style
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Two things. First, as you mentioned, Oak and Sea played in Japan during ST. So they've had one more offday than the Nats or SD.

Secondly, it's interesting our next matching is against SD. The two most worn out teams facing each other so early on, at least the scheduler was fair there. Although not so fair to the Nats making us travel across the country on top of wearing us out so early. SD has only had two away series, in Colorado and LA. So yeah, nice job beating on the Nats, scheduler. At least SD has had more home games and never traveled any distance from the west coast. The Nats really got beat on, playing the most games and having a west coast trip so early... It's absurd when you point out no other teams have had as few offdays save SD, who haven't had a cross country road trip yet. Hell after we play SD, they have the horrors of traveling all the way to SF, and then more homestands against Florida and Mil and Co before finally traveling to the East Coast for Philly.

The Nats, meanwhile, have four off days until June, including tomorrow, and I don't consider a cross country trip to be an off day. The Padres get an offday tomorrow as well, in between a homestand. They have another offday in between the FLAP and Mil series. To Nats have zero offdays in between a homestand before June, with travel between home and Pit, and Atl and Philly, and finally home and Miami. There's a hell of a difference between an offday at home and an offday with travel, even if it isn't isn't cross country trip. So yeah, bottom line, the Nats get screwed hardcore by the scheduler this time around, so it's a miracle we are doing so Damn well.

We did catch a break with the teams we've played early on though.  Already have had series against the Chubbies and Astros.