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Re: Davey Management Style
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Also, notice that when he gave danny a night off to start the competition, it was against a righty having a very good year, and when he reinserted Danny, it was against a lefty.  As bad as Danny has been this year, his OBP was over .350 this year (Small Sample Size) and was walking around 16% of his PAs v.  RHP.   

Davey is doing a terrific job of spreading the bullpen work, too.  While we want Stammen in every day, get upset when he is in in a blowout Saturday, and complain about using Mattheus in a tied extra inning game, Stammen last worked on back to back days on 4/12 and 13, both extra innings games, to finish, Mattheus has been used in one run or tied games only 3 out of his 9 appearances this month, and Stammen has been used in 1 run games 6 out of 8 appearances this month.  He a good manager for a season, even if we pull our hair out game to game.

BTW - if you've seen me, it is easy to know why I don't get upset at "pull your hair out" managing say in the past 10 years.

Solid post but that's expected from you. Davey is managing the season, not day to day. The exact opposite of what a Riggleman or an inexperienced manager would do.