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Re: Davey Management Style
« Reply #225: May 20, 2012, 05:12:41 PM »
Also, notice that when he gave danny a night off to start the competition, it was against a righty having a very good year, and when he reinserted Danny, it was against a lefty.  As bad as Danny has been this year, his OBP was over .350 this year (Small Sample Size) and was walking around 16% of his PAs v.  RHP.   

Davey is doing a terrific job of spreading the bullpen work, too.  While we want Stammen in every day, get upset when he is in in a blowout Saturday, and complain about using Mattheus in a tied extra inning game, Stammen last worked on back to back days on 4/12 and 13, both extra innings games, to finish, Mattheus has been used in one run or tied games only 3 out of his 9 appearances this month, and Stammen has been used in 1 run games 6 out of 8 appearances this month.  He a good manager for a season, even if we pull our hair out game to game.

BTW - if you've seen me, it is easy to know why I don't get upset at "pull your hair out" managing say in the past 10 years.