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Re: Davey Management Style
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If Davey wants to keep this ship afloat, he's going to have to be a better manager.  Think outside the box a little.  You're going to have to get something from that lf position offensively.  That's why I go with my good pitcher-bad pitcher platoon.  Moore can mash bad pitchers because a bad major league pitcher is just a bus ticket away from being a minor league pitcher (see Perry, Ryan).  Look at the back end of almost every team's rotation and there's a dog or two there, almost guaranteed (a starting Ryan Perry).  Just reusing the lineup from yesterday because they scored some runs was lazy thinking.

Use Nady for the good pitchers, if he must use him for some reason.   Frankly, I'd rather have Bernadina as the cannon fodder than Nady.

And while we're talking managing style and Ryan Perry, did any reporter ask Davey...WHY?  DEAR GOD, WHY???

This is a nice way of saying that the game has passed Davey by.

Moore should be starting. I don't care that he's awful in LF. We have nothing but 4th/5th outfielders on the bench it seems. Put Moore in LF, Harper in CF, and Ankiel in RF. Harper's athleticism will help cover for some of Moore's deficiencies. Either that, or play Lombo in LF (but really, he should be starting at 2nd base for a bit).

Ryan Perry should be used in mop up duties only. At this point, he should be sent down when Lidge gets back. Or Wang, whoever get's here first.

How this team has the record it does is beyond me, but Davey Johnson is not the reason.