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Re: Davey Management Style
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Sure, because considering this was the seventh game of the nlcs, he should throw every reliever he has.  Really, why not bring Stras in there to be sure?  :roll:

It's not Davey's fault when he goes to the reliever who has been our single best guy for two years and it doesn't work out.

I wasn't recommending going to matchups with each batter.  I was making a point about the amount of rest the bullpen had.

I will maintain again that watching this game and the others in the series, cried out for Tyler Clippard not pitching the 8th inning, particularly not pitching against Kotsay.  Adding further, Davey took Clippard out when Venable was due up.  Why was Venable a worse matchup than Kotsay, considering how Kotsay had fought Clippard on Tuesday?

We don't know what would have happened if he'd gone to another reliever to start the 8th but we know precisely what happened by sticking with Clippard.   No speculation is required.

Davey's "It's Tyler Clippard" comment also is disturbing because it would imply that he's not taking in new information about how Clippard is pitching this year.  Because he HAS played and managed in the big leagues, he knows that the performance of relievers can be very volatile especially from season to season.

Stepping back, however, the biggest reason for this loss was the offense.  It's tough to really blame the pitching when your offense puts up one run and has four hits.