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Re: Davey Management Style
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I heard FP last night already clamoring for Rizzo to bring Harper up, nonsensical as it would be right now, so some are already wanting it to happen. Too early, especially since the whole extra year of control/arbitration Super-2 status or whatever hasn't passed yet, right?

I heard that too - the idea that he's going to step off the bus and fix what ails this offense is crazy optimistic.  Trouble is, there's no other real quick fix.  Sure you could try Moore, but that's not much better than trying Harper.  Anybody available now is going to be Nady/deRosa-esque. 

Really, the only option is hope somebody catches fire, hope Werth and LaRoche can keep up what they're doing and try to get Espi going a bit.  If Espi would come around, then a Desmond-Espi-Werth-LaRoche 1-4 might be enough to keep you afloat for a little while.  Same with Ramos - he needs to get it going, too.

I think that's the Davey-cision I find most puzzling - I get why Tracy and deRosa are starting.  Why, in the name of Jesus Flores, are they batting #3?