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Re: Davey Management Style
« Reply #125: April 27, 2012, 09:22:45 AM »
that's sarcasm, right? :)

hard  to tell considering some of the posters on the board, innit?   :lol:

But yes - the only thing I might think about is the letting Clip sit down and come back.  I can see why you would, but I also might have been tempted to go to Matheus there.

Really, though, that's a hindsight decision.  If he goes to Matheus and Matheus blows it, we're all screaming about how Davey's quick hook cost us that game, because he took the ball out of the hand of his best reliever. 

In-game decisions are mostly a crapshoot, and they're not all going to work out.  There's a longer-term benefit in Davey not going away from Clipp there - he wanted it, Davey wants to keep confidence in him, he messed it up, he knows it's on him to do better.  Much like Gorzo two nights ago, I bet Clipp's lights-out when he next gets in.