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Re: Davey Management Style
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On Davey's quick hook, I also think a lot of that has been related to the complete lack of early-game offense.  Up 2-1 or down 1-0, or 3-2 or whatever in the bottom of the sixth or seventh, he's had to pull the starter for a PH in several games.  Even last night, though it ended up comfortable, was the standard 2-1 nailbiter in the seventh, so ZNN had to come out for a pinch hitter there.  If it's 5-1 there, I bet ZNN bats and comes out to pitch the seventh.

Basically, I've been good with most of Davey's decisions - certainly better than Riggs' insecure over-management messes of the past few years.  Davey manages like it's a marathon, where every inning and game is not a matter of life and death.